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Posted 09 June 2018 - 06:25 PM





Game: Ring Of Elysium
Level: 2 Cheat With Aimbot And ESP Features
Coders: ViraL
Status: Live Hack Status Here!
Price: See table below

1 Month Subscription With Full Support - $7.99  ***TO PURCHASE THIS CHEAT YOU MUST PRIVATE MESSAGE ViraL!!!***
3 Month Subscription With Full Support - COMING SOON!







(Our ROE Hack Is Safe To Use On The Following AntiCheats)


Tencent Anticheat Proof





Aimbot (Lock onto targets and own the competition!) 
Aim Field Of View (The distance the aimbot can pick up and lock onto a target)
Aim Smooth (Smooths aiming for a legit looking aim)
Aim Adjustments ( Adjust your aimspot left,right,up,down to perfection!)

Auto Shoot (Automatically aims and shoots when target is in the aimbots pre defined field of view)

Aim Key (Choose any key on your keyboard to activate the aimbot)

Recoil Reduction (Reduce the recoil affect for better accuracy)





ESP Box (Draws a box around players)

ESP SnapLines (Draws lines to each player)

ESP Aimspot (Draws a spot on the player where the aimbot will aim to)

ESP Air Drop (Draws snaplines to the exact location of every air drop! , Also includes Text ESP)

ESP Vehicle (Draws Text ESP on every vehicle)

ESP Rare Level 3 Gear (COMING SOON!)




Fog Removal (Removes all fog, All Distances)
Chameleon Style Chams (Chamed player models that are one color when non visible and another color when visible)
Chameleon Weapon Chams (Chamed weapon models that are one color when non visible and another color when visible)
Wireframe Chameleon Chams (Wireframe Chamed player models that are one color when non visible and another color when visible)

Vehicle Chams (Vehicles are displayed in chams making them even easier to see and even through walls and the ground!)
Custom Crosshair (Draws a custom crosshair on your screen, Many to choose from)





Ingame Menu (Easily configure the cheat options in game with our easy to use menu)
FPS Display (Displays your frames per second)
Screen Resolution Display (Display your screen resolution)
Time Display (Displays current time)
Save Your Setting
Load Your Setting




Full Support (All of our hacks work for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 - 32 Bit and 64 Bit Platforms)









roe1.png   roe2.png   roe3.png   roe4.png


roe5.png   roe6.png   roe7.png   roe11.png


roe12.png   roe13.png   roe14.png   roe15.png


roe16.png   roe17.png   roe18.png

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ALWAYS Make Sure To Keep Your Video Card Drivers Up To Date!



Click on your GPU, to install the newest driver for your GPU.


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