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Nxgsh hacks review!

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Posted 06 June 2018 - 01:12 AM

Hey, you will be getting a complete review of CS:GO cheats available here: http://nxgsh.com/for.../subscriptions/


Hi, this is Cepheus and i'm a moderator here, really glad I can help this amazing community out! I've been waiting some time before writing this and now's the day:) So first! I want to say thank you to ViraL for giving this opportunity of working here as a Moderator, he's an amazing Admin and you wish to be as good as him, he cares a lot about his website and if someday I become a coder/admin, I'd take it from him. This is my review written as a customer, enjoy!



Before we start, take note that i'm allowed to say the truth, I won't lie to customers.



First topic - The claims

-Vac proof? I've been using it since 2015 when I joined, I'm still playing on the same account today, so yes.

-MM proof? Yes, multiple times it cames handy!



The aimbot is exactly what I wanted! You know those cheap and crappy coded aimbots that flickers or gets you detected? The truth is, I've never seen any better aimbot, part of the reason I joined this website is genuine cheats that works. I wouldn't be proud of working with copy pastes or crappy coded aimbots. I'm happy to choose NXGSH.


I started using smooth aim at a higher rank, makes you more anonymous and undetected by others, be warned that I always make sure I look legit so put this function on and mess around with the aim adjustments awesome feature to find the perfect aimbot for you!



This will allow one user to shoot whenever somebody gets in front of your crosshair, it is very useful for the high ranked players that needs to look very legit, it's vertually impossible to tell if you're hacking! Cannot recommend this feature more! It even comes with a key feature!



No fogs you will be able to see further and it makes it way easier to spot peaking heads

Same goes for Smoke removal

If you're using chams, use chameleon chams it'll make it so you can identify ennemies 10x better. Recommended.

I used to have a slow pc and I used hands removal all the time, saying it boost your framerate is accurate.

Customised crosshair makes the game way more enjoyable, here you can get so many different types of crosshair it's so good!



We will skip that as it is just for everyone to choose what settings they like more.




In-game configuration, claims it's easy to configure and it is, in second you can change settings, I'm sometime able to switch settings in fight to avoid hack accusing, very useful!

Other displays are for preferences.



The fact that it supports from Vista to windows 10 is amazing, that proves coders here cares about their work, I can't mention any websites here but let's just say there are big websites out there that doesn't even support windows 10 yet or won't bother to code anything for Vista!


All in all, I can't recommend enough these cheats, it took me 3 years to finally write a review because I tested every single features to come up with this, thanks to everyone here! Thank you ViraL for my position here, Nxgsh Pwnage specialists since 2009. 

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NXGSH, make games great again.

#2 ViraL



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Posted 06 June 2018 - 04:24 AM

Thanks Cepheus for the kind words and taking a little time to let everyone know about your personal experience here.

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