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Paladins Level 2 Hack review

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Posted 22 November 2016 - 04:42 AM

Hello. I would like to write my honest opinion on Paladins Level 2 Hack today. Before I start, if you do not want to read all the thing I wrote, at the end I sum everything, so you can just take a loot there. I bought it over a week ago and I had different feelings about this hack, so let's start.


I was super excited because I bought it mainly for wallhack which is a big advantage in Paladins when you are playing champions like Kinessa. Wallhack in level 2 Paladins hack is really helpful. It does what it is supposed to do. But there is a quite important but. There are, well, missing features? bugs? I don't know how to call it but the hack is not yet updated for the newest champion Sha Lin, so you cannot se him through wallhack, for some reason you cannot see Makoa and Grover as well and last, you cannot see someone when they have skin for champion equipped. It really bothers me because it has been a while since Sha Lin was released, but I understand that admins have a lot of work and they are doing great job so far. Also if there are two same champions in a battle, you will see through wall both your and enemy. It might sometimes be a bit confusing.


Triggerbot. Well I am not using this feature but I tried it once on Kinessa and it was doing what it is supposed to do. Nevertheless I am not used to use triggerbot and I would need a bit of practice if I wanted to use it so I am not using it at all.


And last major feature of Level 2 hack only​ is aimbot. When I tried it for the first time I was a bit sad. I thought that this feature had let me down. And the reason is because as I said earlier you cannot choose to see through walls and aim only at enemies, but it will also apply on your team if you have same champion in your and enemy team. That means that sometimes you could end up aiming at your teammate in some rough fight and be useless. That changed when I started to play competetives. You cannot choose same champion as the enemy and vice versa, so that solves one big problem. And also while using mouse smoothness, it felt like not really a big help since Paladins is a fast paced game and the aimbot did not really help me against some highly mobile champions. But what if we turned mouse smoothness off? Our aim will start jumping like crazy. It is advised to not turn it off because of higher chance of getting banned. However I played the whole competetive as Skye with mouse smoothness turned off (I was kind of mad) and I even ended up having play of the match and I was like "oh god, perma ban is incoming" of course it was play where I killed 3 of them using aimbot  without using mouse smoothness and guess what... it did not look like I had aimbot at all. I was really surprised, in the lobby after match, no one even wrote anything about aimbot. If you want I can make a video where I record my play of the match while using aimbot without mouse smoothness. It is just not visible in a replays when you kill enemy. And that is a HUGE plus. Because aimbot without mouse smoothness is reeeeeeeeallllyyyyyy useful and helpful. You will play like god. However it is not good, maybe useless to use it while fighting a group of 3 enemies for example on mid. Your aim will just jump from one character to another and you will end up doing no damage and be useless. I can give you my setup of the aimbot if you want. I am playing mostly Skye and Androxus, because they are flanks and they look for 1v1 where this hack is absolutely dominating. You would be surprised how well is Androxus doing with aimbot.

Well then there you can adjust where your aimbot will aim, but in my opinion it does really not work for me at all. I was playing with "Aim Y Position 2" and it was aiming at the head and then I played with 20 and it was aiming at the same place. I am not really sure how it works to be honest. And sometimes when I don't choose to use "Auto Aim" but I bind it to some key, I use that key and it aims at the enemy but as I hold down the key, my aim starts to go rapidly down. I can make a video or something. But it bugs only sometimes. Anyway I prefer using auto aim.


There are a lot of other features, for example Auto shoot, different settings of wall hack, different crosshair etc. About that wallhack features I don't think that "fog removal" is working, same with "smoke removal", "hands removal" and "no sky". That's a bit shame because I have kind of low fps while using the hack and features like "no hands" or "no sky" should help me, but they are not working for me.


And the last thing I would like to talk about is recoil. If anyone can help me, explaining to me how it works because I do not see difference at all, so I cannot really post a review about that.


Well, that was a long review. So I will sum it up:

-Wallhack 7/10

just because mistakes I explained above

-Triggerbot 10/10

it suits its purpose

-Aimbot 9/10

it is absolutely marvelous

-Recoil ?/?

until someone explains it to me on how it works

-Other 4/10

sadly, most of the important features explained above are not working for me


It is not that expensive and to be honest, since I paid for it, I expected it to be working on 110%. Well at least the two most important features, wallhack and aimbot, are working, so it is worth the money.

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